Hive Shlink

Hive Shlink (Shape Sequencer Link) is a name-your-price, experimental Max for Live device specially built for the Hive 2 plugin by u-he.  It applies the basic idea from LFO Boss — linking sync rates  — to Hive 2‘s buchla-inspired Shape Sequencer.  It’s created with an additional emphasis on a maximally simplified user-experience.

Automatically mapped to ShapeSeq A and B in Hive VST. Rate B is 4x faster than A.

Setup requires no control mapping.  Hive Shlink automatically connects to the first downstream instance of Hive VST, VST3, or AudioUnits Plugin, regardless of any in-between devices, device chains or racks.  Parameter connections happen automatically when the Hive plugin device is configured to show the Shape Sequencer Rate controls.

The Shape Seq Rate assignments, (A, B, C, D), can also subscribe to the Halt toggles, I and II.  These override the current rate to the ‘Halt’ value and can be an interesting automation target.


  • Link the Shape Sequencer Sync Rates at multiples/offsets of the same rate.
  • Halt toggles give independent or grouped control over halting Shape Sequencers.
  • Automatically connects to the first Hive VST/AU plugin downstream in the same track, regardless of Groups, Chains or other devices in between.
  • Automatically detects when the Shape Seq Rate controls are configured in the plugin device.
  • If you use a device rack where multiple chains contain Hive plugin devices, you can just add Hive Shlink to each chain.
  • Use with LFO Boss to link the Shape Sequencer rates and the LFO Sync Rates for total Sync Rate domination.
Halt II enabled. Automatically connected to Hive (AU) in a downstream rack.


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