AutoSlide adds MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE) ramps for incoming MIDI notes.  Quickly edit the slide shape, direction and scale in the graph, and then use the Mod Matrix to enable deeper variation in your slides.  The Chance control lets you choose how often a slide is generated, and the Merge control lets you use the slide to block, add, or subtract from incoming MPE data.  AutoSlide is fast, deep and flexible enough you’ll reach for it again and again.


MPE allows different notes played to have independent MIDI CC and Pitch Bend controls.  AutoSlide makes MPE magic quickly accessible to all Live 11 users, even without pricey hardware.


Live’s three standard MPE controls: Pitch, Pressure, and Slide are easily controlled in AutoSlide.  Or you can use the MIDI CC of your choosing to work with 3rd-party plugins which handle note-per-channel control data differently.

With AutoSlide you can make subtle timbre shifts to ear-bending swarms to wild drum-synth-like envelopes, all with the possibility of deeper variation and transformation through the powerful built-in modulation matrix.


Take control using an adaptive control layout for Push.


Live 11 is required.  Not all Max for Live Devices or 3rd party plugIns currently support MPE, but many do.

In Live, currently Wavetable, Sampler, and Arpeggiator do.  Please see MPE in Live 11.


AutoSlide is developed, maniacally polished and tested by a former Apple engineer. Your satisfaction is truly important to me, so if you have issues or ways to improve anything I release, please reach out!


If you like AutoSlide, please let others know and leave a positive rating! It really is the best motivation to keep developing high-quality niche tools.


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